Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Reasons for Running for Chairperson

I intend to put my name forward for Chairperson of the Labour Party at this year's party conference. In these challenging times for Ireland I think the Labour Party needs a new voice at the highest table.

I want to be a Chairperson for the ordinary member, acting as a bridge to the leadership for ideas and concerns.Central to this is building a grass roots movement where every member feels valued and included in the direction and future of the party.

The core principles of the Labour movement are under attack in Irish society on a daily basis- from Workers Rights, to State services, to the social agenda, to the role of the State in the economy.

As a Party we must communicate a clear alternative on policy and the future of Ireland- that begins with informing you, the members, of our positions, going around the media and communicating directly with the grassroots, you who are in a position to put forward our vision for a new, progressive Ireland to friends and family and most importantly, the voters.

A movement requires a message and we as a Party are too often silenced by the media so we must find a way around that by communicating more directly with you.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments

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